Costume Books

Click on the link (here or below) to see my costume book library catalog (cataloged using Librarything). Someday I hope I can merge the two so the book list appears on this page, but apparently the widget script is currently incompatible. Instead I took some script from the chiclet thingie (these are official terms! Who names these things?).

Costume References Online

These two YouTube videos have some great suggestions for getting a Regency look from your local thrift store (the first is for women’s costumes, the second for men’s):

Getting dressed in 1805 by one of my favorite dress diarists–koshkacat. Also see Getting dressed 1860s style.

Mode en France’s History of Fashion video is also great fun, especially the getting dressed section–and the narrator’s accent!

Here’s a fun little silent film from 1921: How to make a bra from two handkerchiefs