About the Blog

Well, after much drooling over others’ fabulous dress diaries, I finally decided I should start my own. Tara Maginnis of the Costumer’s Manifesto and, most fortunately, a fellow faculty member and friend says that documenting one’s work is of the utmost importance. So, I’m taking her advice and combining it with technology and here you go! Since I’m a closet Luddite, I don’t actually own a camera, scanner, or a computer at home. Therefore, I can’t guarantee that this site will be quickly updated with all my already finished pieces, let alone posting regularly about in progress pieces. But I will try and I guess that’s the best anyone could ask-hunh?

About the Title

The name of this site means fan–as in the handfans used by ealier eras. I chose this name because fans were the first things to interest me in history. I no longer recall what is was about fans that first excited me, but by the age of 10 or so, I was a collector. I’ve now reached the point with the collection where I have splendid examples of all the fan types I can afford and I can’t, with an archivist’s salary, foresee being able to move up to the next level of collecting. So, instead I’m making outfits to go along. . .

About Me

I started sewing historical reproduction clothing and costumes about ten years ago, while working at a living history museum. Since I’ve mostly lived in the U. S. West, my interests are, not surprisingly, the Victorian, Edwardian, and Directoire/Ragtime eras. Since my “day job” is that of archivist, I have access to lots of historical photographs from these eras, which helps fan the fire considerably! I’ve just started becoming interested in English country dancing, however, so I may soon be branching out (back?) into the the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries’ fashions. . .