More resources via Web 2.0 Wednesday, Jun 27 2007 

I’ve added a new category under resources for research type material online. This category currently includes two YouTube videos on dressing for the Regency era using modern thrift store finds as well as how to get dressed in 1805. Very useful for the beginning or on-a-deadline/budget costumer. Much of the YouTube sphere has such bouncy, wobbly, flash & pan videography that it makes me a bit motion sick–even the commercially produced videos do that. I guess in an effort to look more “homegrown”. Did we learn nothing from the early 1990s video craze? Thankfully, costumers seem to be a more logical and quality oriented lot and I found their productions to be generally stable and fun to watch!

New Additions Thursday, Jun 14 2007 

I’ve begun two new pages. One is titled “Inspiration” and contains images, or links to images, of costumes or other visuals that I like, but do not currently have plans to recreate. It will be a sort of catch-all for things leading up to a project–and maybe someday the images will move to a precis page. The other section is entitled “Resources”. At the moment, it contains some of the costume books in my personal library, cataloged using Librarything, and a searchbox to look for historically appropriate fabric and trim, created using Rollyo.  Eventually, I may add links to my favorite pattern makers, suppliers, and other costumer’s dress diary sites. The current additions were added in large part because they were homework for a work-related training class, but I’ve managed to tweak the requirements to benefit my costume interests–on work time, no less–how cool is that!

The title Monday, Jan 22 2007 

The name of this site means fan–as in the handfans used by ealier eras. I chose this name because fans were the first things to interest me in history. I no longer recall what is was about fans that first excited me, but by the age of 10 or so, I was a collector. I’ve now reached the point with the collection where I have splendid examples of all the fan types I can afford and I can’t, with an archivist’s salary, foresee being able to move up to the next level of collecting. So, instead I’m making outfits to go along. . .

Beginning Monday, Jan 22 2007 

Well, after much drooling over others’ fabulous dress diaries, I finally decided I should start my own. Tara Maginnis of the Costumer’s Manifesto and, most fortunately, a fellow faculty member and friend says that documenting one’s work is of the utmost importance. So, I’m taking her advice and combining it with technology and here you go! Since I’m a closet Luddite, I don’t actually own a camera, scanner, or a computer at home. Therefore, I can’t guarantee that this site will be quickly updated with all my already finished pieces, let alone posting regularly about in progress pieces. But I will try and I guess that’s the best anyone could ask-hunh?